Valencia Cathedral


Valencia Cathedral is known as one of the major monuments of Valencia. It is located in the main centre, that is Plaza de la Virgen, next to the Virgen de los Desamparados Basilica.

Valencia Cathedral was commissioned by King Jaime I in honour of the Assumption of St. Mary in the Thirteenth Century and it was consecrated in 1238 by Bishop Fray Andrés de Albalat.

It was built where the old mosque of Balansiya was located, which had been built on the former Visigothic Cathedral. In 1492 it awarded the rank of Metropolitan Cathedral by Pope Innocent VIII at the request of Pope Alexander VI, who also brought some of the best Fifteenth Century paintings from Rome.

Valencia Cathedral meets a Mediterranean Gothic style, although subsequent amendments and additions that experienced over time gave her the status of Baroque, Renaissance, Romanesque, Gothic and even French neoclassical.

It keeps inside the Sacred Goblet that King Alfonso the Magnanimous gave to the cathedral in 1436. Likewise deserve special mention the dome (considered one of the wonders of French Gothic in the Fourteenth century) and the bell tower of the Cathedral, known as ‘El Miguelete’ purely Valencian Gothic style.

Valencia Cathedral is one of the main sights to see in Valencia

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