Valencia- Big road trip potential!


So, as if you didn’t already have enough reasons to love Valencia, I can now tell you from personal experience that you can add great road trip potential to that list. Not everyone wants to live in the most popular holiday destination in Spain, but how about living an hour’s drive away? That’s how long it takes to get to Alicante, an hour on the motorway. An hour to reach gorgeous beaches, cute little towns, and beautiful marinas. And wow is it well worth that hour. If you dedicate a sunny Saturday, you could be having a perfect little one day holiday around Alicante’s many towns.


The town with the most potential has got to be, in my opinion, Calpe. As soon as you step foot out of the car here you’ll feel the relaxed, holiday vibes. Take a walk along the perfectly manicured beach front, take a seat at one of the many bars and restaurants, and enjoy a vino blanco while you watch the world go by and the waves come and go. If you’re feeling adventurous, make sure to check out Calpe’s most famous attraction: Peñón de Ifach. In essence it’s a giant rock that you can climb for a reward of breathtaking views and a sense of achievement.

The best thing about it is that you really can go with anybody and with any purpose; up until a certain point there is a paved pathway, which is perfectly safe and easy to climb, meaning if you fancy a quiet stroll and a nice sea view then this is perfect for you. But if you’re feeling your inner Bear Grylls, and fancy being a bit more extreme, you can pass through the cave, and come out on the other side to a more difficult, rocky path, which may have you feeling slightly faint when looking down. Don’t let this put you off though, on my way up I saw young children conquering the route, it can be done, and you will be very well rewarded with the view from the top. Expect a brilliant view of the town, and a glistening, deep blue ocean below.


After making your way back down, why not hop in the car and drive over to another nearby town for lunch? Moraira is just 15 minutes away from Calpe, and definitely offers a good variety of nice restaurants along the sea front. While smaller and quieter than Calpe, it is definitely worth a visit for a nice stroll around and to see the Castillo de Moraira, an 18th century fortress built on a small rock at l’Ampolla beach, and completely restored in the 80’s.


As the day begins to come to a close, a good last stop is Xàbia, to watch the sun go down from one of the cosy and trendy bars that overlook the sea and coast. Not only will you find a good sunset drinking spot here though, there are also a number of cute shops to while away the evening browsing in- think boutiques and souvenir shops with class.

It’s sfe to say that if you had the time, you could certainly fill many more days exploring other towns around Alicante, but if you can only spare one, you can see that you could easily have a fun and relaxing day of exploring, dining and shopping. And at the end of it, you can jump back in the car, and be back home in what we like to call the best city in the world in an hour, and that’s the beauty of it!


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