There are many ways that you can pay for property in Spain. Aside from paying cash, you can fund a property through a variety of loan options – and each of these should be considered before you start to look for a property, it is also wise to have a mortgage agreed in principle before you begin. You will need to think about whether you should go for a UK mortgage, or search for one from a Spanish mortgage broker.

We work in collaboration with Mortgage Direct S.L., a leading independent mortgage broker based in the center of Valencia and specializing in mortgages for Spain and Portugal. Please click here to get a no obligation quote or see Mortgage Direct website for more details on getting finance in Spain.

Mortgage Direct… Spain’s leading independent broker

Here are some important reasons why Valencia Property Club recommends you contact Mortgage Direct if you require finance to buy in Spain:

Mortgage Direct have been operating in Spain since 2006. During the last 10 years they have cemented their place as the leading independent broker in Spain. They offer a premium broking service to clients of all nationalities and secure the best possible deals. They offer:

  • qualified advisers
  • native English and Dutch-speaking brokers some of whom can also communicate in Spanish, Portuguese and German
  • work with all lenders offering finance for Spainexclusive deals (see below)
  • mortgage quotes within 48 hours
  • no obligation advice delivered in a professional and friendly manner
  • competitive fees for a premium service

They are completely independent and have a wealth of experience in a market where contacts are everything and premium service is key.

Mortgage Direct’s contact details are as follows:

Office line: +34 963 156 011



Market conditions and exclusive deals

Mortgage Direct is currently offering deals to non-residents with rates as low as Euribor + 1.3% and fixed rates from 2.15%. The Euribor is currently at its lowest ever level. Please see below a graph which shows the fluctuation of the Euribor over the last 10 years.

Now that the property market is steadily improving, more banks are lending again, which has increased competition and led to some very attractive deals becoming available to clients of Mortgage Direct.

At present, mortgages up to 70%* are available to non-residents and 80% to residents. There are some special deals above 80% available to young first-time-buyer resident clients.

Again, we recommend that you contact Mortgage Direct if you have questions relating to whether you would qualify for a mortgage, how much you would qualify for and what conditions may be available to you.

* mortgages are based on the lower of purchase price or valuation.