Buy ready or renovate?

renovate in valencia

This 80 sq m apartment was bought in need of a full renovation. The property consisted of a living room, separate kitchen with a door to a dinning room with a back terrace, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a long corridor from the front door to the bedrooms. Everything in the property was old or ‘de origen’, the floors were covered in tiles that were broken in many places in the lounge and the bedrooms.  The kitchen walls were also covered in tiles and there was a ‘gallery’ – a built-in cupboard in the middle taking off most of the space in the very narrow kitchen. The bathroom had old tiles nearly up to the ceiling and an old bath right in the center. The water and electricity systems were old and needed replacing and all the ceilings throughout the apartment were old style with various patterns and heights. The living room had 2 doors to the corridor as it had been previously two bedroom that were joined up to make a lounge. The apartment had the original wooden windows covered in many layers of white paint and glass of only 2 mm making the insulation of the apartment a really difficult task.

The renovation work took the best part of three months and nearly everything in the apartment was replaced. The electricity and water installations were replaced and brought to the current standards. The corridor was removed adding space to the lounge. All the walls were plastered and repainted and a feature wall of natural stone was created in the lounge complementing the rustic design.

The bath was replaced with  modern shower cabin with flag stone imitation tiles. A modern orange sink cabinet added color and brightness to the bathroom design. The wooden windows in the lounge and bedrooms were restored to the original color of the preserved 70 years old wood.

The tiles in the kitchen were removed and the walls painted in white. The cupboards were replaced with modern red colored doors. A feature wall with decorative wallpaper and a photo-wallpaper in the bedrooms added to the charming and welcoming atmosphere throughout the place.

The apartment after the renovation

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