Who we are

Our vision

Our vision is to unite investors and property buyers from all over the world, who are attracted by the beauty, charm and sizeable investment potential of this wonderful city that ‘has everything’ – wide sandy beaches, beautiful mountains, gorgeous Old town, modern architecture, best paella in Spain and 320 days of sunshine.

Who we are?
A group of property investors and freelance Real Estate Consultants with an extensive experience in real estate, international business and finance. We work together with one goal in mind – to find your dream home – an investment project, a holiday home or just the place in the sun you have always dreamt about.

We believe in team work and our diverse background in different areas of the financial world and International Real Estate scene help us find the best solutions for our clients.

What we do?
We specialise mainly in property in Valencia, Spain as we believe that this amazing city offers great opportunities for property ownership. However, we can find a property in any area of Spain. From time to time we would also share a selection of properties in other parts of the world that we believe are unique and interesting propositions.
We help buyers and investors who do not have the time or the language skills to search, place numerous enquiries and deal with vendors and agents by email and telephone.  We can source anything from low-cost apartments close to the beach, bank owned properties or whole apartment buildings in need of renovation, to luxury apartments in the city centre of the city, or villas on the coast.

If you are looking for a property, to buy or to rent – we will help you find it. If you have bought one, come and share your experience – we would love to hear from you.